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10 Ways and More to Diversify Your Commercial Printing Services

10 Ways and More to Diversify Your Commercial Printing Services

Everyone, at some point would need commercial printing services. The rising use of digital devices isn't stopping this trend. Look around, and you'll see it. There are corporate notepads, brochures, catalogs and so on, everywhere.

With the right paper cutters and paper trimmers, you can meet the several printing needs that continue to rise around you.

The global print industry is worth about $898 billion and is expected to reach almost $1 trillion in 2018. That alone tells you there is a market for your commercial printing services. You only need to know where to look and what to do.

That's what you'll discover in this article.

Commercial Printing Services You Should Be Offering

Use one or more of the listed commercial printing services below to diversify your business and make it more profitable.

Business Cards

We have seen several shifts in the way businesses, and business people operate. In spite of all these shifts and changes, business cards have stayed in use. You only have to check your wallet to know this.

Business cards have been around since the Chinese used them in the 1400s. They have only grown in importance as there are about 27,397,260 cards printed every day.

Get the right business card cutter, and you can expand the range of printing business services you offer.

Letterheads and Envelopes

A letter with a name and logo at the head or an envelope with the same commands more attention. It is not surprising why it is still very much in use even in this digital age. This is one of the commercial printing services your business should offer.

Letterheads and envelopes are still one of the essential supplies owned by every company. A letterhead speaks to the image of a brand.

Your letterheads sometimes travel farther than people from the company themselves will. Businesses will, thus, need quality printing work for something that will represent them. A letterhead of good quality depicts professionalism and credibility.

New and old businesses need letterheads and envelopes, so this also has a large market ready to diversify in.

Custom Notepads

These are fantastic promotional materials. A well designed and printed notepad will promote a business as much as billboards will.

Companies can also give them to old customers during festive periods or employees of the business.

The point of the custom notepads, apart from the general use as a notebook, is that they help promote businesses.

Businesses and companies around you will need these, and it is an excellent opportunity for your printing business to explore.


You see these everywhere; airports, hospitals, schools, etc. If you see them everywhere, you should be printing them.

Brochures are still one of the best advertising, marketing and sales documents that businesses use. 79 percent of businesses use this as a marketing tool.

Brochures provide information about your business. They are a fast way to get into places salespeople may not be able to reach. Brochures can also be used to direct potential clients to your website and store.

Businesses who want to produce brochures will usually print them in large quantities, as it is more cost effective to do so. There's a remarkable business opportunity for your printing business with brochures.

Since you will be printing and cutting large quantities of brochures, you need to have the right paper cutter.


Calendars perform a significant service for businesses, and that is to remain the mind of people. Old customers or new prospects are inundated with information every day. The way to stay in their consciousness is to stay visible to them.

For companies offering commercial printing services, printing table, and wall calendars are fantastic.


Almost everything comes with a printed manual. They are another product line you should add to your commercial printing services.

From local manufacturers around you to big exporting companies, you can find a steady source of business.

Banners or Posters

Even with the advent of digital boards, most businesses still use banners and posters. You only have to look around you to notice this. Banners and posters are usually big and so capture the attention of people faster than fliers will.

Companies around you will print posters this year, and you should be the one who gets the business.


They contain a list of products or services that a business offers. Catalogs are a faster way to show potential clients the different ways you can help them solve their problems.


They are an excellent source of business. The Content Marketing Institute found in a study that 78 percent of their focus group used newsletters.

What happens when your clients are too lazy to make their newsletters? You start one yourself.

You design the newsletter and leave only spaces for contact details of your clients and space for an article from them.

For example, you start a newsletter about schools in your area. You reach out to the schools offer them your services. All they have to do is send in an article and their contact details. If they are still too lazy or busy to write one article, you can send out the newsletter with their contact details only.

You can make the newsletter only for specific clients or make one for clients in the same industry. Get enough clients to agree to a regular and periodic newsletter, and you will soon find your business thriving.

Customized Cards

Greeting cards have been around for a long time and thanks to new software, they are easier to make now. Customized cards are a great way to keep your customers and show you value them.

A restaurateur who used customized cards recorded a 20 percent increase over a year.

Making customized cards is a brilliant service you can provide for as a printing business. And you don't have to wait around for them to come to you.

You provide, for example, a customized birthday card service to your clients. They give a list of customer birthdays coming up each month. You design the card, print and mail them to their customers.

The customer is happy and goes back to more business. Your clients keep their customers and do more business with you, and your revenue grows.

Now That You Offer More Successful Commercial Printing Services

Diversifying your business is a great way to increase revenue and generate profit, but there are other things to consider.

Things like the people you hire, your customer service and so on are also crucial to your success. And so are your equipment.

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Triumph Cutter sells the best line of metal-constructed trimmers. These trimmers come fitted with German made Solingen steel blades that you can sharpen.

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