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Manual vs. Automatic Paper Cutters: Which Is Better?

Manual vs. Automatic Paper Cutters: Which Is Better?

Are you using a manual or an automatic paper cutter?

Manual paper cutters were the industry standard for years, but as is true with a lot of products, technology is taking over and more and more companies are pushing out automated models.

If your business is cutting a high-volume of paper every day, you need a paper cutter that's reliable and gets the job done properly.

But how do you decide if you should stick to the basics or upgrade to an automatic paper cutter? The answer will likely depend on your business and it's unique needs. Before you decide, let's consider the pros and cons of both.

Manual Paper Cutter

Manual paper cutters still have some benefits, especially if you're only handling a small amount of work. You can also find manual paper cutters than run much cheaper than the automatic models, so it's also a good option if you're on an extremely tight budget.

Another pro of manual is that you control how much pressure is applied to the paper, which is great for jobs that using delicate paper or jobs that require very intricate. While machines are great, sometimes you need the dexterity of human hands.

However, while humans are a pro they can also be a con because you run the risk of human error. Manual cutting requires someone with heavy attention to detail, which can be difficult when you're cutting a high-volume.

It's also much easier for employees to hurt themselves. Since you're doing everything by hand, slip ups can happen in seconds and cause serious injury on the job.

Automatic Paper Cutter

Automatic paper cutters are quickly becoming the new standard for good reason. Automatic cutters can handle an extremely high volume of paper and get it done faster. This is crucial for places that have a mailroom or need to churn out thousands of pieces of paper such as large businesses, law firms, printing/shipping stores or even colleges and universities.

Automatic cutters handle the bulk of the work for you, which cuts back on human errors and potential injuries. While good automatic cutters might be more expensive upfront, they will eventually save money by reducing time and waste.

Which One is Better?

If you're cutting a high volume of paper materials, switching to an automatic variety could save you a lot of time. It would also require fewer people and get the job done sooner.

Besides these points, automatic also reduces the risk of injury, which can be a serious problem in the workplace. So, if you've got a lot of cutting to do, an automatic paper cutter would be a better investment.

If your company has a smaller load of paper to handle, it could make sense to stick with what you know. But the world is shifting towards automation, so investing in technology for all facets of your business is a good idea.

Are you looking to make the switch to automatic? Triumph cutter has a wide range of options for you. Check out our full product line, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.