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Top 5 Tips to Help Your Print Shop Run More Efficiently

Top 5 Tips to Help Your Print Shop Run More Efficiently

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Efficiency is extremely important when it comes to the success of a local print shop. To find ways to run your local print shop more efficiently, keep reading!

The success of your business depends on how efficiently you run it.

Are you a good leader? Is your equipment top of the line? Are your employees happy?

These are things that factor into running a print shop. You can easily make adjustments to your store, your organization, and your tools to increase productivity.

To learn how to boost your local print shop's success, keep reading.

1. Organization of the Shop

Does the layout of your store make sense? This is a crucial aspect of running your print business smoothly.

Since each product has gone through many departments, there needs to be a logical flow to that progression. You shouldn't have extra ink cartridges and printers stored at opposite ends of the room.

Think logically about the steps your product takes to get to the customer. Organize your shop's equipment and departments based on that.

2. Multiple Suppliers

Depending on one supplier for all your needs is like putting all your eggs in one basket. You should always have a backup supplier for each item you order.

Sometimes, a delay holds up your main supplier for one reason or another. That shouldn't prevent your customer from getting their order on time. If you have a second reliable supplier who can come through, you don't have to worry.

Learn how to diversify your suppliers to meet the demands of your growing print business.

3. Scheduling Equipment

Be as organized as possible when planning the day ahead.

This means schedule what each piece of equipment will be doing at any point during the day. A spreadsheet can be helpful in arranging this. Make the finished spreadsheet available to your employees so that they can keep up with the schedule.

If possible, have a schedule built for a few weeks ahead. This way you can make adjustments where needed without throwing off the organization for a day.

4. Happy Staff, Happy Business

Do your employees show up ready to work each day? If your staff shows up late, goofs off, and doesn't respect you, your business isn't going to run smoothly. It could affect your productivity and success.

Here are some things you can do to boost job satisfaction for your staff:

  • Raises, bonuses, or other incentives
  • Team building retreats and conferences
  • Continuing education opportunities

You should also work on praising your employees when they do good work. When employees feel appreciated they're more likely to stay motivated.

5. When to Scale

Knowing when it's time to scale up is tricky business.

You have more orders coming in than you can handle, but you don't want to lose money. If you decide to scale, you need to be sure you have enough business to cover those increased costs.

Some ways you can scale up are hiring more employees, upgrading your equipment, and moving to a bigger location.

Ready to Take Your Local Print Shop to the Next Level?

Running a successful business requires leadership, productivity, and organization. If your local print shop isn't succeeding the way you'd like to, consider working on those three traits.

You should also make sure your employees have the best tools and equipment to work with. For more information on running a print shop and upgrading tools, check out our blog.