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8 Ways a Professional Paper Cutting Machine Can Help Your Business in 2018

8 Ways a Professional Paper Cutting Machine Can Help Your Business in 2018

By: Liz Gelety

If you're wondering how to expand your business in 2018, a great and easy way to do it is to buy a paper cutting machine.

It might not be what you were expecting, but hear us out. Cutting machines are totally underrated.

Sure, your print quality has to be on the money to bring in the customers, but if you get ragged or lopsided edges, you'll lose business. And that's just 1 reason for you.

Check out these 8 ways a paper cutting machine can boost your business in 2018.

1. It's Cheaper

When you were setting up in the print field, you probably started small and got yourself a manual guillotine. That may have suited you back then, but as you've got busier, you may just have outgrown your paper trimmer.

A paper cutting machine will save you money and boost your business for lots of reasons.

No More Waste

Ever wasted a bunch of expensive, high-end leaflets because you chopped them out of line, by mistake? No biggie - it's happened to all of us. But each time you throw away a load of badly-cut printouts, it's like throwing money straight in the trash.

A cutting machine will give you perfectly straight edges every time, so you won't have to throw away wasted stock, or have to spend money reprinting.

Boosts Productivity

It'll also boost productivity. Your employees will spend less time cutting, and more time working on all those customer orders you're sweating over every day.

Slower Wear and Tear

You spend money maintaining your paper trimmer, and buying new blades regularly can get expensive.

Cutting machines are powerful things, and even a portable machine can cut through a 3/4 inch paper stack in one go. That's around 185 sheets of regular 80gsm printer paper!

With those numbers, you'll get way more use out of your machine before it comes to replacing the heavy-duty blade.

2. It's Way More Professional

When you're in a rush, guillotines can sometimes do you a disservice. You think you can cut a bunch of sheets at once for the rush-order customer who'll be here any minute.

Get it wrong and you've got bent, torn or ragged edges and an unhappy client.

A paper cutting machine takes the guesswork out of trimming your printed material. Need to cut 100+ sheets of paper at once? No problem.

Nail that professional high-quality, get it right, and you'll have customers queuing out the door.

3. It's Much Faster

With your cutting machine, you'll get used to breezing through your orders in no time.

We already know a portable machine will do 185 pages at once. Get a higher-spec model and you'll be slicing through a 3" paper stack or more.

With huge orders taking just moments to cut and prepare, your business will feel the benefits of this investment in double-quick time.

4. It's Super Safe

For one, you'll get fewer paper cuts. Seriously, it's a thing. Paper cuts are the worst, and when you're in the print field, you'll know that more than anyone.

When you're dealing with stacks of printed material rather than a few sheets at a time, your employees are less likely to get paper cuts!

In all seriousness though, it's important to take the proper safety precautions with your paper cutting equipment.

Paper cutting machines have a high standard of safety, so your employees can get to work without endangering their health. That means peace of mind for them and no employee lawsuits for you.

5. It Saves Space

If you've ever had print and cut a large order, then you'll know that paper takes up so much space! Spread out all your paper stacks and suddenly you've got no room to move, let alone cut anything.

And if you're handling different paper sizes, that's when it gets really tricky.

A paper cutting machine takes up very little room and contains the paper after it's cut.

You can also buy add-ons that allow you to handle different sizes of paper. So there's no need to worry you don't have the space to do a neat and professional job.

6. You Can Go Large (Or Small)

Larger paper sizes can strike fear into a print-shop employee's heart, when your equipment's not up to scratch. Maneuvering A2 and A1 sheets of paper is hard, and it's easy to crumple or crease it.

With a paper cutting machine, even large paper sizes are no problem. Just add the adjustable sides to hold it firmly in place.

You can also fulfill those orders that call for irregular paper sizes, like posters, custom greeting cards, and digital wall art prints.

Go right ahead and take on those complex orders in 2018 - you'll be able to handle them.

7. You Can Get Fancy

The amount of paper you can trim at a time depends on the weight of your cardstock. You can cut a bunch of 80gsm sheets of paper at once, but heavier weights take more time and elbow grease.

A paper cutting machine will make light work of thick paper and card. Invest in one, and you'll suddenly have the resources to print things like wedding invitations, that you might not have taken on before.

8. You'll Have Happier Workers

Your business is your baby, but it can't grow without your team, right?

When your employees have quality equipment, they'll know they can produce high-quality, professional products. That'll boost employee satisfaction, which then boosts output.

The result? You'll make more money by having happy employees, so those 2018 profits will be higher than ever.

The Takeaway on a Paper Cutting Machine in 2018

The machine that cuts your paper is humble but mighty, and having a good one will make all the difference to your business.

Your customers expect perfection from your business, so only clean, straight lines will do. Your output will be professional and high-end, and your clients will keep coming back again and again.

If you want to boost your business in 2018 then buying the right machine for paper cutting may be exactly what you need.

Want a paper cutting machine but not sure which one to choose? Check out our 10 tips for choosing the right machine for your business.