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4 Ways A Triumph Paper Cutter Can Be More Useful Than An Industrial Guillotine Paper Cutter

4 Ways A Triumph Paper Cutter Can Be More Useful Than An Industrial Guillotine Paper Cutter

By: Liz Gelety

A Triumph Beats An Industrial Guillotine Paper Cutter

Are you deciding between an Industrial guillotine paper cutter and a triumph cutter? Here's why you need a triumph.

The best manual paper cutter

Are you weighing up the benefits of an industrial guillotine paper cutter vs a Triumph? If you run an office and need high-end cutting work done on the regular, there's a good chance you might be.

And, if you need all of that, we feel it's only fair that you get the very best.

Join us, today, as we look at four reasons why a Triumph cutter should always be your first choice.

German Engineering

When it comes to creating a solid product, German engineering is as important in guillotines as it is in cars. Triumph outstrips its competitors and comes from a proud German guillotine industry.

Made in Germany, the machines themselves feature Solingen steel cutting knives, for better cutting.

The housing is all metal and benefits greatly from the expert German design standards found in many of their cars. While that might sound like an obvious connection, the implications are significant. This is a high-impact performance machine from a country with a proud history of high-impact performance machines. You can expect more from a Triumph because it's built to deliver more.

The Heaviest Duty Around

The Triumph guillotine line beats out any industrial guillotine paper cutter in one important way: output.

These industrious little machines are designed for heavy workloads. And they do their job well. Available in manual and automatic, Triumph cutters include stack, hydraulic and programmable machines.

Need to complete a large cutting job, but don't have the time or inclination to stand by and manually feed and check papers for accurate cutting? Automatic stack cutters are just your speed. Worried about your sheets moving in bigger numbers, throwing off your cut? Hydraulic cutters take care of that for you.

For a truly robust cut, industrial guillotines just don't measure up to a Triumph.


Because paper cutters work hard and have many moving parts, one of the biggest concerns many users have is with them breaking down.

This is another area where Triumph shines.

Solid steel construction is matched by machined blades and other high-end components. Construction is meticulous and meets the very highest standards. The end result is a machine that performs to a high level of quality, without much risk of it failing over long periods of time.

Safety Features

Let's talk plainly, for a second: paper cutters can be dangerous. They're steel boxes full of hinges and blades and, if not used properly, could easily harm someone using them.

Triumph cutters have many safety features, especially compared to their industrial cutter competition. The Safety Cutting System (SCS) standard which these machines use changes the way we look at industrial paper cutting.

Users are protected during cutting and routine maintenance with features that include:

  • safety guards
  • main switches
  • safety lock keys
  • two-handed operation
  • disk brakes for instant blade stops
  • blade depth adjustment

Triumph Vs Industrial Guillotine Paper Cutter: A Clear Winner

In terms of performance, Triumph guillotines beat out any industrial guillotine paper cutter out there. Factor in safety features and durability on top of that, and you've got a first-rate machine you can rely on for a long time.

Interested in learning more about this robust paper cutter. Visit us, today, or get in touch to speak to a paper cutter specialist.